Date #8 – Troll?


I’m grinning from ear to ear, but I guess that is not a surprise.  Lee is amazing in all areas.

Let me tell you about this man;  he has an opinion on just about everything, but knows when to give it a rest.  He is open minded, but not care free.  Respectful, but likes to dance around boundaries.  Believes in more, but doesn’t confine himself to a religion.  He is a Graphic Designer and seems to see the beauty in the things that I do not notice.  His Instagram, work and abode are all little pieces of his loves, his personality and his soul, that are dotted around his personal and cyber space, but connect to him and show the whole person…which adds up nicely.

I love waking up in his bed, it’s so big, soft and romantic.  He has a rustic four poster bed (romantic right?) that he painted teal.  I haven’t asked why he chose that unconventional colour, because it works really well, and even more so now with my brown skin between the sheets, with my bright pink finger and toenails… hahaha!  Right now I am all alone, as I think he has gotten up early to work.  He is finishing a project of which the deadline is tomorrow, and here I am, propped up talking to you and laughing my head of right now.  On the left side of the wall he has a huge mirror that he has painted yellow (I know it sounds mad, but trust me it works… Please believe me!). I have just glanced in the mirror and I look crazy.  My silk headscarf has come off at some point during the night, and I look like a toy troll.  I am now playing with my hair to create sexy bed head, and erm… it’s not really happening.  I wonder if black girl messy hair is still sexy to guys?  Hmmm… I decided to find out.

I tip-toed out of bed, and crept to the door and peered out, as I thought he was working in his little makeshift office with his back facing me.  Before I put my question to the test, I looked in the mirror one more time, rustled my hair, and applied Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream to my lips and the arch of my brow.  WHAT?  You didn’t expect me to go there just bare like that?  I needed to rehydrate my lips. It’s not my fault it leaves a slight shine like lip gloss, once it’s applied.  Oh and the brow thing – how many times have you seen a “natural photo shoot” where the models brow line is highlighted and it kinda looks good, because the light hits it a certain way and it makes her eyes look bigger?  Well that’s what I was doing, actually!  There is always a method to what appears to be madness, you should know this by now!  You have been attentive reading friends for eight months!  Love you guys, MWAH!  Anyway where was I…?

Bed head

“Morning babe do you want some coffee?” I asked in a breezy way.

“Erm, yeah sure, thanks,” he said without turning around.  I walked closer, bent down and put my arms around him, kissed his neck and said, “You want breakfast too?”

“Hmmmm… babe you can’t do that, I am trying to work,” he said.

Trying not to be offended, I replied, “So asking you a question and greeting you in the morning is a distraction?”

“No babe, I didn’t mean it like that.  I am nearly done and I just need to focus.”

“No worries,” I said breezily, as I walked past him on the way to the kitchen.

“BABE!” he shouted.

“What?” I said in a concerned voice, whilst turning around.

“I need to focus, and how can I focus when you are butt naked?”

I looked down. (I have no idea why I did this, I know what my body looks like!).  I burst out laughing and looked at him, but he didn’t seem impressed at all.  I genuinely forgot I had no clothes on, because I was so concerned with creating sexy, messy bed hair, and accentuating my lips and eyes, to try and pull over the whole rolled out of bed sexiness look ,that I completely forgot.  I mean, it’s no big deal, but Lee now thinks I am not respecting his “focus time”.

I explained it all and he laughed his head off.  “Do you think I give a damn about how your hair looks in bed, when I love being with you and your naked self?  Hun, if you told me you wanted to walk with me to the shops like that, then yes we would have a problem.  But hun, you got black hair, it’s gonna do that and even though you look like a troll doll (see told you) you’re sexy to me… come here you idiot.”

Feeling a bit dumb, I walked over to him and sat on his lap.  He put his fingers in my hair and said, “Did you know Black people are the only people whose hair grows upwards, and our curls and spirals are not dissimilar from the DNA shape.  We are powerful people babe.  I think it acts like an antenna, it receives and transmits energy and I personally think it is a link to the spiritual, Jah, God, whatever you choose to call the divine force.  So you may need to re-define what messy is to you.  You don’t have hair that lays flat without putting those straighteners in it, and you can’t wash and go, so just accept it.  We have this hair for a reason.  That’s why I let mine grow like this.  It suits me, but I believe it helps with my creativity.”

I cannot describe to you how sexy that whole interaction was.  I love intelligent men who make the unknown make sense.  It is the first I have heard of that way of thinking, regarding black hair, and I will definitely look into it more.

I straddled him and kissed him.  I gasped.  “I thought you wanted to focus,” I said, as he placed two fingers into my kitty.

“I am,” he said.  Five minutes later, I came.  After kissing him passionately, I walked to the toilet shouting that I would make brekkie. However, when I got back he was in the kitchen. “Babe I said I would do it, you have work to do.”

“Nope I finished it.  When you were finishing, so did I.” He saw my baffled look and explained.  “I am ambidextrous, meaning I can use either hand to work with.” (WTF?? I was amazed, but my ego was dented.  I would rather he give me all his attention.  WTF do you mean you were playing with me and doing your work at the same time??).

“Oh wow, that is rare, right?” I asked, breezily.  “So you can multi-task, and your focusing skills are better than you think.  So next time I walk around butt naked, you shouldn’t really complain,” I said, laughing to take the edge off.  He laughed too.

Breakfast went in the bin.  He is wrong, he can’t focus or multi-task ;-).



Copyright Naddine Bentley.


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  1. Eknor says:

    LOL! I had to find a pretty pink scarf (not my usual fisherwoman’s headtie) after trying to do the “scarfless” sessions recently and Mr just said that DOES NOT BOTHER ME! LOL! After all that worrying myself…when you find a real man all of these things become meaningless. Of course we’ve still got to stay fabulous though!

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