The Rise And Rise Of The Sexbot

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  1. I have been keeping quiet about this subject for some time now, just to sit back and see what everyone else thought about them before I stated anything ya know lol. BUT I think this MAY help in a way for those who have become widows, especially older men older than 65 years of age. I read a lot so I see where men in this age bracket tend to look to the internet to have some fun with women from time to time after they have lost their spouse. Mainly in dating sites like “Seeking Arrangements” and that sort of thing which can be very dangerous if these young ladies are preying on the weak. You may ask well why doesn’t he just go out and find someone new? Well some may be too heart broken to do that or may not want to “replace” that loved one they’ve lost and just want to have fun. This would help out a lot for them in the long run to be honest.

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