‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Dr. Gary Chapman

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  1. brendan fletcher says:

    I was divorced 25 years ago and can only wish Dr. Chapman’s book was available. However, we have a tendency of overlook the other’s negative ways; at least I did. At the time, it was too easy to make excuses for her misbehaviour. Mind you, I was guilty of the aforementioned wayward ways, not physical but psychological and hurtful remarks.

    Couples need to know in advance and not overlook problems, which we think sometimes will heal or are not important at the time; but they are. I spent too much trying to impress what a nice, agreeable, caring person I was. Honesty can be hurtful, but it’s better to be honest to yourself and the other person. You can’t sweep anything away and expect at sometime it will come back.

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