Are you Lucky In Love?

Do you consider yourself to be ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ in love?  Because, apparently, if you’re unlucky then it’s because you’re not doing something right, and you can change that.


I was invited to a workshop hosted by Elizabeth Sullivan – a renowned Love Mentor whose main audience are people who have been focusing on their careers, and been fairly successful there, yet are ‘unlucky’ in love.  She helps people to understand what is blocking them from getting what they want from their love lives, using a combination of Relationship Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to help people adapt their behaviour so that they can achieve their relationship goals.  Elizabeth has achieved extraordinary success, and her clients will usually find love within 6 months of working with her.

At the workshop I learned that being lucky in love is all to do with your behaviour and how you react to various situations.  People who are perceived to be lucky are just basically positive people, who don’t allow situations to get them down.  Here’s what else I learnt…

There are two types of people; those who have a habit of being in a relationship, and those who have a habit of being single.  It doesn’t mean that those always in a relationship are needy and can’t be alone, and those always single are commitment-phobes.  Rather, the relationship ones are those who just manage to fall into a relationship when they want to, and the single ones are either single by choice, or maybe just not making the right choices.

We can all be lucky in love, because:

– Lucky people create a network of luck.  They tend to talk to more people and get talking to people anywhere.

– Lucky people have a more open body language.  They smile a lot, which is important if you have met someone you like, and are happy in the moment, just having fun.  They are more relaxed.

– Lucky people are better at staying in touch with others, resulting in a large network.

– Lucky people tend to like variety and often participate in different activities.

– Lucky people trust their intuition.  When they get a bad feeling, it’s usually for a good reason.  It’s important to listen to your feelings, and lucky people tend to take steps to boost intuition, like meditation.

– Lucky people have different expectations of the future than unlucky people.  They expect lucky outcomes, and see bad luck as temporary, so don’t dwell on it.

– Luck people persevere a lot longer, and are very persistent.

– Lucky people take the lesson in a situation, and move on.  They are more constructive and creative about finding different solutions.

– Instead of looking at what a person has that they may want, lucky people rather compare themselves to those less well off.  It’s not out of arrogance, but more appreciation for what they do have.

So what do you think, Lurvlees?  Are you one of those lucky people?  If not and you’re feeling in a bit of a rut relationship-wise, try one of Elizabeth’s ‘Get Lucky In Love’ workshops. The next one is Saturday 30 May 2015 – click here for the details.






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