Don’t Give Up On Love!



So I really tried… I was in a relationship on and off for three years.  I tried to present myself as the perfect girlfriend; I cooked, cleaned, supported every poor decision, sex on tap… you know how it goes…  I overlooked the baggage he carried, all in the name of love.  In the third year of my relationship, I really prayed, and asked God to bless our union and show me a sign!

He says he loves me, he says he cares, he says he wants to marry me, but… (exhale)… all in his sweet time.  With my prayers, I started to really pay attention.  All my sacrifices.  I had to ask myself, “What is he willing to sacrifice for me?”  So one day I did just that, I asked that very question.  It was not to be! My heart broke into pieces as I realised that this man I loved really only loved himself, and loved the way I loved him.  All that I gave, invested, and hoped for our future together was just that – all me!  I broke up with him amicably, because after all, if a man truly wants to be with you, he will do just that – and do all he can to be with you!

The months went on, and I can’t lie, I laid in wait for the grand gesture of him coming to his senses and us finally having a happy ever after.  Well not in this fairytale! I put life on pause, mourning the loss of my love, but then it came to me: WTF am I doing?!  At the mercy of a man?  I realised I had lost touch with ME.  I had lost the love for myself.  I deserve happiness dammit!  I looked in the mirror and told myself just that.  So I dusted myself off, put on my party shoes, and put on that happy music  “Don’t give up on love,” I thought, “Eff it, I really tried!” So here I am with the same message to anyone who relates, or who will listen:

Remember who you are, and know what kind of love you deserve.

Lurve Spy: Bea

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