10 Things You Should Never Text Your Ex

We’ve all been there.  You break up with someone, time lapses, then, as the saying goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder.  One day you just happen to be holding your phone. Scrolling through your contacts.  You see their name and stop.  A tiny smile of rememberance creeps across your face, then you find your finger pressing “Send SMS/BBM/WhatsApp…”

Text messages Message on Cell Phone Screen



Before you make what could become a regrettable decision, take a look at 10 things you should NOT allow yourself to type on that ‘Compose’ screen:

One-word texts.  Don’t just text “Hey” or “Yo.”  If you have something to say or ask, do so in your initial text. Get right to the point. Don’t put your ex in an awkward spot of trying to interpret why you’re contacting him/her.

Terms of endearment or flirty emoticons. You’re no longer a couple.  Avoid using pet names or cute phrases that should be reserved for a relationship.  You cannot keep the cute stuff post-breakup.

Resentful rants.  If you’re upset, tell a friend.  Do not text hurtful things just because you’re tired/lonely/drunk and it’s easy to do so. Take the high road into singleness.

Why didn’t you text me back?” “Did you get my message?”  Send one text. If he/she doesn’t respond, accept that contact is likely not welcome yet.

Relationship talk.  Don’t debrief or reminisce over text. Beyond an initial post-breakup debriefing, which should be done in person, all relationship lessons should be shared with friends and your journal, not the person who broke your heart.


Check out the other 5 don’ts over at iVillage.com


So – have you been guilty of any of these Lurvlees??


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  1. Happilymarried says:

    One word messages are flipping annoying!

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