Category: His 12 Dates In 12 Months


Date #4 – Charlene

“What is it you liked or first noticed about me?” “It was your confidence.  It’s rare for a woman to approach a man, so when it happens I respect it.  It means you’re brave...


Date #3 – Cock-tales

Looks like I’ve only gone and done it again.  I’ve pulled another blinder, completely random.  Kimberly was amazingly beautiful, she had a flawless complexion, a kind of bronzed peanut butter colour.  I’d met her...


Date #1 – Somiya

Somiya… how did I meet her again…?  Oh yeah, I was walking back to my car and I saw this lady through the window in Sainsbury’s Local, packing up her shopping.  Instantly I was...